Control Your Negative Emotions

Control Your Negative
WE MUST HAVE THESE four sorts of ideas.
We must have friendship for all; we
must be merciful towards those that are in
misery; when people are happy, we ought to
be happy; and to the wicked we must be
indifferent. So with all subjects that come
before us. If the subject is a good one, we shall
feel friendly towards it; if the subject of
thought is one that is miserable, we must be
merciful towards it. If it is good, we must be
glad; if it is evil, we must be indifferent. These
attitudes of the mind towards the different
subjects that come before it will make the mind
peaceful. Most of our difficulties in our daily
lives come from being unable to hold our
minds in this way. For instance, if a man does
evil to us, instantly we want to react evil, and
every reaction of evil shows that we are not
able to hold the chitta down; it comes out in
waves towards the object, and we lose our
power. Every reaction in the form of hatred
or evil is so much loss to the mind; and every
evil thought or deed of hatred, or any thought
of reaction, if it is controlled, will be laid in
our favour. It is not that we lose by thus
restraining ourselves; we are gaining infinitely
more than we suspect. Each time we suppress
hatred, or a feeling of anger, it is so much good
energy stored up in our favour; that piece of
energy will be converted into the higher
powers.1Every vicious thought will rebound,
every thought of hatred which you may have
thought, in a cave even, is stored up, and
will one day come back to you with tremendous
power in the form of some misery
here. If you project hatred and jealousy, they
will rebound on you with compound

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